What's the one piece of advice you wish someone gave you?


As a home-owner, I now realise how naive/unfamiliar with buying a house I was. Some of the things we thought to investigate were obvious enough - but there were so many other things we never considered or didn’t realise at the time. I’m keen to know what other people think.

Here’s a couple we did consider and some we didn’t:


  • lift up the shower mat placed in the shower, as according to the real estate agent it was too big - when in fact it was hiding the broken shower base and the significant water damage from leakage.


  • approved building permits for neighboring properties. We never considered the old factory next to use was going to be torn down, and a 4-story development built (to the boundary). As a result we lost all natural light into our bathrooms and need to install expensive solar panels.


Hi Andy,

I could not agree more. There are so many factors we now have to consider when purchasing, i never thought researching into the area i was buying in mattered so much. During my first purchase i believed the real estate team was there to really give me an honest run down of the property pro’s and con’s. They explained all the renovations completed in the apartment little did i know ‘Value Add tactics’ to increase their sale price. Behind the talk and renovations was a water damaged ceiling. The roof was patched up but no changes to the inner insulation - a big hit financially. It is best to always have the property inspected.



So so true. We saw water damage around a skylight and asked the agent to investigate. He said he did and that the vendor said it was fixed!. The first big rain and there was water everywhere.

So what should we have done?

Got a full building inspection and GOT IT IN WRITING from the owner.
Pretty simple really.