What Stamp Duty will I pay on my first home?


So many of us are not aware and unprepared for the news that comes when they discover how much we have to pay, on top of the purchase price, in stamp duty. Stamp duty is a term used for land transfer duty. Put simply, it’s a tax that we pay to have a property transferred into our own name. The amount payable is calculated as a % of the value or purchase price of the property. Check out this easy to use calculator here.
Stamp Duty Calculator

This easy to read article by Nat Stevens is a must. How to avoid paying stamp duty by Nat Stevens

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@nat11. Do you have any extra tips on stamp duty savings.



The article you’ve suggested Julie is a great place to start. What’s really important for first home owners to know is that a blanket policy doesn’t exist across Australia. Not only is Stamp Duty payable state specific, but it’s also calculated based on the circumstances of your property purchase such as if you are buying an established property, buying new or building. You can calculate the stamp duty you’ll pay as well as any other government grants and incentives (including the FHOG) you may be entitled to by visiting https://buildinoz.com.au/how-to-avoid-paying-stamp-duty/