What should I know about volume builders?


How can I build a stylish, unique home using volume builders without the exorbitant price tag?



@nat11 or @BelindaSmith would you know much about volume builders in this regard?

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@maggie its all about how much the property will be worth at completion and where the property is located and the demographic of that area. That should determine what you are prepared to spend to make a property look unique. Personally, I think its worth paying for the upgrades that matter most, the ones people notice and will return $2 for every dollar spent ( in equity increase or at the point of sale ).
We changed a facade and roofline, which cost us $35k. That sounds like a lot, but when it came to selling, only 2 potential buyers out of 70, identified that it was not a master-built home. We made a net profit of over $350k so it was worth it.
Selecting fixtures and fittings that make your home unique is a skill. The key is to look at each individual item (tiles, taps, kitchen cupboards, benchtops, doors) and ensure that you create a cohesive ontrend look…i.e. that you choose the fixtures and fittings carefully to create a particular style that is in demand/popular in that region, and that people will pay more for.
Save money by identifying suitable product from the range they provide, as a priority, and only pay for extras if necessary. Research first and have the end result in mind before you start selecting product.



Hi @Maggie

There’s only one way to avoid the risk of an ‘exorbitant price tag’ when building and that’s to have a set budget and stick to it. The best way to do that is to educate yourself on the process and get an idea of where you’re most likely to risk blowing your budget along the way.

The first step in having a successful home building experience with a Volume Builder is to make yourself fully informed about the process and the differences that exist between different types of builders. It’s the hope of many volume builders that you’ll start your home building journey by talking to them first however jumping in with the builder straight up can see you ill prepared for what’s going to be one of the biggest investments you’ll make.

Have you considered the differences between Volume Builders and Custom Builders? Volume builders have a range of set floorplans that are often presented with a base level price tag. Making alterations and adjustments to their existing floorplans can be costly and that’s even before you’ve thought about upgrades and extras. When you say unique, it makes me wonder if you’re looking to build something that’s unique to you? If this is the case you may like to consider working with a custom builder.

Would you be happy to share where you are in your journey? Depending on how far you’ve come already I can offer more specific advice.

If you’re in the initial planning stages I recommend you take four essential steps before you even think about going to see a builder. Then, when the time comes for you to pass the batten on to the right builder, you’ll have a great chance of having a happy and successful home building experience without the usual confusion and frustration.

The first thing you need to do when thinking about building is you need to have a set budget. Your lending should be structured for borrowing to build (and not borrowing to buy). Then I recommend taking some time to really dig deep and prioritise what you really need in your new home so that you can be sure you’re spending your budget on the areas of your home that will bring you the most happiness. The third step is to think about where you’d like to build. Volume Builders often sell house and land packages but it’s important to be aware of the limitations they may impose. In most cases you’ll experience a far better result by buying your land separately which gives you the freedom to build your perfect home in your perfect location. Then, the most important step for you will be to explore your options for having the perfect floorplan.

Given that you’re interested in building a ‘unique’ home you may consider working with a building designer (draftsperson) to turn some ideas you like into a floorplan you’ll love. Alternatively, you’ll begin to explore foorplans from Volume Builders and find one that fits your requirements according to your budget.

Build In Oz has a Building Home Masterclass Series that is designed to help you be fully informed about the complete process of ‘planning’ to build a new home. It steps you through the process exploring all options via a simple and straight forward online e-learning platform. It includes a whole section on working with custom builders and volume builders which would be helpful. You can check it out here… and of course, feel to let me know where you’re currently at and I can offer more specific advice here regarding building with a volume builder.

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