What are the best styling tips to get my home sold quickly?


Are there better styling ideas than other? @emilyosmond



Hi guys.
I believe that first impressions count, so I always start at the front of the home and make sure the landscaping is appealing, that the front steps, front door and entryway says"come on in and take a look" to prospective buyers.
Next , declutter, tidy up and clean as if the Queen is coming to visit lol. Then, break down the house into room by room components, and ensure that the usability of every space is clear, and looks modern, inviting, appealing, gets the senses happening (especially the ladies who you want to imagine their family living there).
As women are big influences in the decision making (to buy or not to buy) pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen - don’t forget to style them too.
Doing this well enough should excite more than one buyer, which is when the magic happens!

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So true about the female demographic. We do the bulk of the research.