The truth about House & Land Packages


If you’re thinking about building there’s every chance that you’ve already started to look at house and land packages. They are a great marketing tool for builders and land-owners. However, in most cases, that’s all are, a marketing tool that seemingly makes it super simple to have the home of your dreams.

However, when we delve a little deeper we often find that the builder has simply plotted their floorplan onto the block for sales purposes. In most cases they won’t own the block which means that you are free to purchase that block and put any home you like on it built by any builder you choose.

On another note, rarely will they include the true cost of the build as most of the ‘hidden’ costs won’t have been factored into the bare minimum advertised price. This can catch people out when they work through the process to only find out later that they actually can’t afford the ‘final’ cost once they’ve factored in site costs, driveways, crossovers, fencing and landscaping etc.
Then there’s the upgrades and what they might add to the advertised price.

So whilst choosing a house and land package seems like the simple option, it may not always be your best option. You can learn more about the advantages, limitations and pitfalls of house and land packages at

Nat Stevens
Founder of Build In Oz
Creator of Building Your Home - Masterclass Series
Author of Building Home - The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle

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This is great advice thanks Nat - There is so much to consider when choosing to build!