Should you use Google maps to confirm a property boundary when you are buying a house?


Is this waht you should do @Peter

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Using Google maps may be a helpful way to locate a property or to direct other people to it, but using this application for confirming boundaries is not recommended. The purpose of checking boundaries when buying a house is to ensure that the land ‘on the ground’ corresponds with the description of the land you are buying as described in the contract. The best way to confirm boundaries is to have a surveyor prepare a ‘check survey’ of the property, although many purchasers are satisfied with taking their own measurements if the survey pegs are still visible and they are confident in their ability to measure correctly using the plan of subdivision as a guide.

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What about an established home Peter?



It’s the same whether its vacant land, a unit or house and land. Measuring dimensions can assist in ensuring that the correct block of vacant land is identified (picture numerous identical house blocks in a large subdivision with just the agent’s sign indicating with Lot is which), it confirms whether there are any adverse possession issues (consider an older home where the side fence has been replaced but erected a metre inside the original boundary), and it can reveal whether common property in a unit development has been absorbed (we have seen carpark lines extended into common property so that a single carparking space becomes double).