Making offers is now easier than ever!


We’re always building new ways to facilitate a better, more seamless real estate process. Recently we added the ability for buyers to make offers on Next Address properties straight from their dashboard.

A Next Address vendor can view offers, and accept or reject the offer with commentary, a buyer can also withdraw an offer from their dashboard. All properties listed on Next Address will identify the number of offers made on a property.

We believe this provides complete transparency during the property sale process and enables buyers and sellers/agents to engage ethically.

As always we’d love your feedback on our new tools/products - let me know what you think!

Here’s some screenshots of what you could expect:

1 - A view of offers from your dashboard

2 - Visibility of offer status per property

3 - Ability to communicate with vendor/buyer regarding offers, offer details updated in your comms tool

4 - Submit an Offer button from the property page, also shows number of offers and result of your last offer

5 - Fill in your offer details