I haven't sold a house for years, what do I need to know?


Here’s what 7 people did to get their house sold quickly.

We all want to sell quickly. This list and a link to an article give you some ideas to get your home sold quickly, having control over the process, for the right market price and without costing you the earth.

  1. Lisa made sure her house, her garden, her shed, and garage were all super clean and super tidy. Pretty basic really.

  2. Jayde gave her property a makeover after getting some professional stying advice.

  3. Sally went shopping and compared her home to all those for sale in the area.

  4. Jacob got a qualified valuer to make sure he had the right price on his home from the start.<

  5. Jane used the latest photography tools such as 3D and a Virtual Tour to market her home.

  6. Sarah picked the best way to sell her home that suited her.

  7. Julie knew that most buyers had done their research. Buyers often know more about the current market than you do!

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