Can I invest in property through my self managed super funds (SMSF)?


Yes you can, A SMSF claim borrowing expenses and interest on an investment property. You are able to use negative gearing to offset any tax the on the SMSF income, as well as profit from any capital gains in the future.



Absolutely you can! And you’re crazy if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity while lending is still available. The advantages? Example: A simple, set and forget investment in a good commercial property can potentially (if you buy the right property) provide returns of 7%, which is way better than bank interest, plus the benefit of property value increases.
As an active renovator, I’ve learned that there are many rules about what you can and can’t do to improve a property held by a SMSF, so my advice is to ask your accountant specific questions and look closely at SMSF rules and restrictions before you buy.
SMSFs allow you to take control of your own retirement funds and map out your financial future.



Thanks Belinda for your insights.